Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tax Season Is Upon Us

Coming from Danelle, AKA the other half: Now I know that procrastinators, that is what I am, tax season is never a fun chore. BUT over at "We Sell on eBay", she was kind enough to break it down for us. She even does the work of putting in the links to IRS forms and instructions!

**My husband is on a powertrip right now, thinking I could not do the taxes right so he won't let me touch them. Actually, I can't even breathe on them. I will however, highly recommend others to read through all this information, as it is fantastic!

THANK YOU for compiling all the information for us!!!

The series of posts is what I view as "Taxes & Ebay Bullsh** for Dummies". Here are the links to the must read posts;

Please make sure you read her post on this, as it is a correction on one of the line information: Correction Regarding eBay & Paypal Fees

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