Monday, January 23, 2012

Newly Found Blog of Interest..

Here is a new blog, at least for me, that I just stumbled across. Not to say that the blogs in my blogroll are not great, because they ARE!! Please check them out, as well!

The blog I stumbled acrossed is called "Late Night Coffee" and has a now 5 part series, with the following topics covered

Smart Reselling-Part 1:How to Know if an Item is Worth Reselling

Smart Reselling-Part 2: Organizing Your Inventory

Smart Reselling-Part 3: Keeping Your Costs Down

Smart Reselling-Part 4:The Importance of Research
(Umm okay personally I am sticking to my earlier post on this one. IT STILL SUCKS TO RESEARCH but I agree it is a MUST)

Smart Reselling-Part 5: Working Smarter…Not Harder in this Business

I have just begun reading through this blog- there is a lot of good ideas, tips, and reader responses that I am sure will help me out in our "adventure".

I also am excited to look through the "Flippin' Friday" posts. I love, love, love seeing other people's sucessess and also the not so great sells. It brings everything out the fact that there will be ups and downs, which I do seem to forget most of the time.

Another interesting post on the site is: A Weekly Rundown of Some Great Thrifting Posts Found on the Internet.  Looks like another fun reading experience.

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  1. Thanks for the AWESOME plug! Wow! How awesome! Much success to you and may you find many o' valuable treasure!

    Late Night Coffee