Sunday, January 29, 2012

Being A Newbie & It Sure Shows....

Coming from Danelle (also known as the other half):

Alright, so I got thrown into starting a business on Ebay. Trust me I went kicking and screaming, I think I threw a tantrum that was worthy of any awards they would give out for the "Worlds Worst Child Tantrum".

This was SUPPOSED to be my relaxing and enjoyable hobby. I can't even describe what my husband has made it become. I am actually STRESSED beyond any stressed-out point that I thought was concievable. I am freaking out and I believe that my mind has now run off with a huge amount of my hair!!!

I am not sure what I expected to come from running this business. I have no experience at all. I hate the fact that I want everything to be perfect, the store is FAR from that (insert the "complete and utter failure feeling" here)- I have no idea what a good week or bad week looks like. Or even for a month, for that matter.

I have read blog posts where I see "I sold upwards of 40+ items this week, it was not a good week"....I scream WHAT!! How could that not be a good week!

Then I begin thinking if that is not a good week, what in Gods Green Earth AM I Doing Wrong! I don't have anything near that.

So, far I think in the 3 months we have had this store, we average at least $600.00 or a bit more a month. This month we have faired a bit better with total sales of $713.35 in the past 30 days so far. But sheesh, I am thinking ummm FAILURE.

My husband, NO HELP, he will just say "Settle down and run a sale"......EXCUUUUUSEEE ME! But I want to increase our income not play the lets sell it at rock-bottom-prices. I swear he thinks that selling for pennies more than I bought it is a good idea. While I don't mind it, (Okay, yes I mind it- But will accept it) if that happens a few times. I am not in this business to have the goal of "Going OUT of Business in record time"

So, what is good and bad when it comes down to "the numbers"? Any tips to get through this "Failure Feeling"?
What has worked or what definately has not worked?

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  1. Most people think running an online business is easy. It's not. You have to work hard, then work harder. As far as $713 per month, that's not too bad, depending what part of that is profit. Try to to at least double your money on each sale.