Monday, January 23, 2012

Researching really does SUCK!

This is the "other half" of the E-bay store "adventure".

I am putting it out there that research and trying to learn how to sell sucks, no ifs, and, or buts about it.

I have been here and there on search sites, I have read countless numbers of blogs, read post after post on forums. It is driving me absolutely mad!

Don't get me wrong- there have been some perks to this whole adventure. I have come across many great customers and found some new friends along the way. But frustrations seems to be a common theme amongst most sellers.

I had no clue what my husband was getting me into and four months later I am drowning in the Ebay Sea of Selling. Okay, actually I have done drowned and just hate to admit it, being as stubborn as I am.

I have been left with a majority of the running of this business adventure (which by the way I thought was going to be a hobby). I will give credit where credit is due- my husband does do all the behind the scenes book-keeping, such as taxes and such. (Thank God, because I am sure if I was left with that- I would be hanging myself with the nearest Fisher-Price corded toy from the rafters (Vintage Fisher Price, of course!)

I have been left with most of the listings, building the store stock, shipping, running and design of this blog and my own personal blog (I am slacking on this part), running the Facebook account (again slacking on my part), advertising (once again slacking), and I can't even think straight to think of the rest.

We are on a very,very, very tight budget which makes this adventure even harder. We also do not own our own home (well maybe someday we will) so space is another issue becuase we are in an apartment. Every cent needs to be accounted for at this point, which is not as bad since I am "thrifty" in my ways.

We have made some margin of profit, which has been nice but it sucks that we hardly even notice it.

I love all the tips that I have read on message boards, such as Ebay Underground, this will help me tweak things to make our business adventure much better.

I also like knowing that I am not the only one that can get frustrating customers. I think that is the hardest part for me, being nice to the most frustrating of customers. My husband has had to tell me over and over "Be nice- We are a business".... Sheesh that really doesn't help my frustration any! But I do what he says and grit my teeth and nicely resolve situations.

As, you can probably tell I felt the need to vent a bit.....

On to some better things- possibly....

We have a sale going on right now at the store, mostly on artwork and silver/silverplate items. We do have a wide range of books and boardgames for all ages.

Speaking of boardgames. I have two I have been trying to research with little success.

The top picture is made by Schaper Manufacturing- and has no date. The second game is from Marx and dates in the 1970's. The number is 5518 on the Skittle Roll Game.

Ebay has shown forms of Skittles games, but not this particular one. And one listing was found (in compleateds) for the other but that person had the same problem of finding information as I did.

If ANYONE has information I would love to know about them!

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