Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Big Decision...LOL, Okay It's Not That Spectacular...

but it is a start. I have been dreading listing my Little Golden Books that I have picked up over the last few months.

I have picked up numerous ones from sales and thrift stores for a while now, but when I sat down to think of how to price them I went into a daze. You begin by thinking that "These will be a cinch to date and research", UUMMM NOOOOOOOO!

I had come to find out rather quickly that most of them have "false" copyright dates. Then I find out you have to learn different codes for this, that, and the other! I gave literally gave up.

Something so easy-turned out to be one of the most frustrating things I have had to deal with. I mean, really how hard is it for the company to slap on the correct date of the copyright, whether it is a reprint or not. If my kids can do something this simple, I would think that a well-established publishing company could do the same.

Or at the very least, this publishing company can reimburse me the huge amount of money I have spent on Aspirin.

Anyway, on to my decision- I finally put up over 25 different Golden Books. I decided that I am just slapping a price on them, and taking a "what I don't know-won't hurt me" approach to the situation. Here are a few examples of what I mean by that.....

$1.49 + 2.10 shipping

$3.49 + 2.10 shipping

I made the decision that almost all of them are going to be sold for the $1.39 price, with a few of the older (not seen so much) going for the $3.49 price. I am no longer caring if someone gets a GREAT deal just because I didn't do my research on how much it should be worth. I am going stick with the lowball prices, and learn to be happy with it.

I think that is a lesson that I am beginning to take to heart. I just need to LEARN to be happy with things. I need to LEARN to settle on what I can not control. EEK! That is a scary thought.

I need to sit back now and ponder this with a nice cup of coffee and a few half dozen Aspirin.


  1. Good decision. Time saved is in the end money saved. You can find other things that you are certain of the value. These are still good sellers if you can find them at the right price and people are always looking for these. I am your newest follower!

  2. Why didn't you just list them as a lot at a reasonable price? Surely, packing a group of 25 books would be cheaper/less time consuming than packing 25 individual books.

  3. @Scott Davis: That is so very true, that it would be much easier to do it that way. I/We have elected to do individual books because some people want only one or two and don't want the others for whatever reason.

    After looking through the listings and seeing some people voicing frustration of not having more sellers that sell individual books, we thought it would be nice to give them that option.

    I think that some people would prefer being able to pick out their individual books and then let us combine shipping for them or have the choice of one or two and have us combine shipping for the couple of books. It gives custimers/people more freedom and control over the purchase, even if it means more work on our end of it.

  4. I like the thought process behind this, but, at least for me, the reality of selling a book for $1.49 + 2.10 shipping on eBay isn't cost efficient. After the listing fee, the final value fee, the Paypal fee, the cost of the packaging, and the actual shipping cost, there's very little profit left. I'll admit that I guilty of having some low-priced books on Amazon, but at least there, you get $3.98 for shipping, which helps some.

  5. I'm with Scott. I do best with those types of books in lots. There us not enough profit for the time andaterials involved to do those books individually. To me a book has to be worth $10 on it's own to get it's own listing. Time is money. Even if you only paid .25 per book after all your fees (eBay and PAyPal) selling the books for $1.39 leaves you less than $1 profit and that's assuming it sells the first time around.