Saturday, December 8, 2012

SODIAL-Vintage Jewelry Crystal Peacock Hair Clip {$1.50/Shipped} I bought 2

I purchased both of these Peacock Hair Clips with the sole intention of giving them to my daughter. Once they arrived, however, I totally changed my mind. I love how they are both different, even though it is only slightly. The stone/gems are colored different. I just feel in love with the unique look.

 Even the back of the hair clips are unique with the intricate decoration. My daughter has attempted to "steal" these from my possession  I am glad that had she gotten them for Christmas she would have liked them. Too bad for her she won't be. Sorry, dear but these are mine!

The head and wing of the Peacock are also adorned with small jewels. Let me say that when the light hits this, especially sunlight, the colors are amazingly beautiful.

I picked both of these and a few other Peacock items up from Amazon. The others I will share as soon as I have some pictures of them. I also purchased the Sodial~Vintage Style Colorful Owl, and the Fashioned Bronze Peacock Feather Long Chain Retro Necklace. The Peacock Hair Clips can be picked up for only $1.50 each with Free Shipping. I know that they ship from Hong Kong, don't let that scare you off. They showed up very quickly.

If you would like to purchase them you can find them Here

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