Sunday, December 2, 2012

Operation Wildflower's Free 2013 "Roadsides In Bloom" Calendar

Operation Wildflower is offering a free 2013 "Roadsides In Bloom" Calendar. This is through the West Virginia Dept of Environmental Protection.

Note: This picture is not one in the calendar. 
This is one that I took over the summer.

The calendar is full of different images of the beautiful flowers of West Virginia. 

To order your FREE copy of the Roadsides in Bloom 2013 calendar just fill out your mailing information. That is all you need to do. You are looking for the highlighted section for the link to the form.

But while you are there you might want to read through the article, as it also offers a wonderful resource "Operation Wildflower Booklet". It is a 12 page PDF file that is full of information. While the specific flowers they discuss are native to West Virginia, we all know that wildflowers cross state lines. Other great finds in the Operation Wildflower Booklet are: The History of Wildflowers, Wildflower Names, Tips and Tricks on planting Wildflowers {especially in a weedy area}, and more.

So check that out as well, it could be used as a resource or inspiration for your own garden. It could also be a good resource for a teaching lesson for kids. I plan on going through it and implementing it into a garden/flower or spring unit!

Note: This picture is not one in the calendar. 
This is one that I took over the summer.

The calendar I am sure will be a fantastic addition. I use calendar for many crafts after the year is out. And gorgeous wildflowers will be fantastic for crafts. I am excited about this freebie.

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