Sunday, December 2, 2012

FREE 2013 Gardener’s Spring Idea Book!

Here is another freebie that you snag. 

Go over to Proven Winners {The #1 plant brand, that is their personal claim} and request a 36-page Gardener's Idea Book 

While you are there you can also sign-up to receive Proven Winners monthly gardening tips newsletter.  It's filled with wonderful in-depth information that is timed out for each season in the garden, and includes a new plant profile and plant combination recipe each month.

To get your free Gardener's Idea Book, all you have to do is fill out a little information. You are not required to sign up for the newsletter, but I did because gardening is a hobby I love. Look closely while you filling out your information, as only some of it is required. They let you know if it is, which is nice if you don't feel like answering anything else.

As you can see above I am not sure when exactly it will be mailed, all I do know is that it will be mailed sometime before Spring of 2013. I am just beginning to explore the site and what valuable information it offers. Check it out for yourself, after you finish getting your freebie.

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