Monday, December 3, 2012

Great Gift Ideas & Sharing Our Holiday Tradition

Our families Christmas Tradition has always been to go out each year and the kids each get to pick out a Christmas Ornament, we would then bring it home and use a Sharpie to write their name & year on them. This is something that I love doing and have such fond memories of doing the same thing when I was a child.

This year I finally get to take the stress out of it. See, I am a obsessive person when it comes to neat handwriting. Can you imagine the stress of using a Sharpie on even one ornament, let alone now seven! It drove me bonkers, and I have never honestly liked any of the ones that I wrote on.

Now I can get professionally personalized ornaments for the kids this year. PersonalazationMall is a life saver for me this year. I am going to have the kids pick out their favorite ornaments and then that all I have to do! No stress, no Sharpie, no awful writing!

I am also looking at the stockings and some other items available. Everything is so reasonably priced, that I may not have to go out to the stores to do my Christmas decorating shopping or some of my Christmas shopping.

PersonalazationMall has a great selection of stocking stuffers/gifts for under $20, so be sure to check those out. They have items from gift tags to dog bandannas  all available for personalizing. 

The thing I think I love most is that they have everyday items, not just holiday. Now, I can get things for birthdays easily that really have the look of a lot of time and money spent.

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