Monday, October 15, 2012

UPDATED!! Huge Savings With SavingStar! Learn How To Save & Earn Money

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I have been using SavingStar for the last few shopping trips I have gone on. I must say I am very impressed in the whole program. It was super simple to sign up for and even easier to use, since you really don't have to  do much after that!

I like that the e-coupons are added right to your stores rewards card, which you quickly enroll when you first sign-up. You then search through the available e-coupons that are available and they are automatically loaded onto your rewards card. 

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This is an update to my savings: At the time that I first typed the above article was the same time that I had loaded my card with the most recent deals. I am a good one for not using my stores loyalty card, but figured it was time that I commit to doing so.

I went shopping over the weekend and let me mention that trying to feed this brood of 7 is insane! They are "pigs" when it comes to eating. Since we now have my father living with us, he is actually number 8 of our brood, our grocery bill has sky-rocketed. It was time to take action, and to start saving!

I loaded all the coupons that were available, these are nice because I could actually use coupons at the store and was still able to get savings from the coupons I got off SavingStar.

I then loaded all the cash back deals, I didn't care if I would use them or not. Here is what happened: this is from the email I received this morning

You can see at the bottom, the coupons that were applied! Then when I got to my account the balance was higher! My balance in the corner is $16.65, this is after only one normal trip to the store! I am floored that I was able to save so much at the store and then to come back to find even more!

I can now cash that savings out into Paypal, that is the payment option I chose. Can you imagine what I could end up saving if I continue to use SavingStar? I don't think I can recommend this service any more highly than I do! It is free and perfect!

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