Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OMG! I Want To Bang My Head In BUT The Savings Are Phenomenal!

A little while back I shared with you the great things I got from OpenSky. I will do a small refresher   before I explain why I want to beat my head in! Don't get me wrong OpenSky is fantastic and I love shopping there, you will see later why I am a bit upset that I didn't search a bit more. 

Good news is my lack of searching benefits you! Anyhow, on with what I bought earlier this week.

I got this in the mail 2-3 days after ordering it. This is going to be a gift for my daughter for Christmas. It is a Charm Necklace that I picked up for $15. Each of the charms can be removed so that my daughter can "design" it each time she wears it.

The next day I decided to get a few more items from the "Clearance" section. I got the following:

This Brooklyn Bakery Printed Leather Wrap Bracelet was $19. I got this for my daughters Christmas present. I thought she would enjoy the black one!

And for $8.00 I chose the Blue Babyprints Photo Book. I figure you can always use extra photo albums!

Here is what I paid for those items! 

I don't think that was too shabby, I paid total for everything $21.00. Well, that is what I thought until a few minutes ago. Here is the thing if you sign up for OpenSky you will get { I believe it is $20-$25} this week in credit on a $50.00 order,  as opposed to the normal $10} Plus, you get Free Shipping all week!

Here is where I want to bang my head! I just joined E-bates tonight, having no clue as to how valuable this service is! 

On Ebates I found guess who?! Yep OpenSky, here is what I found. I could get 15% back on my purchase + free shipping. CRAP!! 

If you don't know what Ebates is, I highly suggest joining. When you join you get $5.00 in credit. You can then look for coupon codes and money back offers. I have opted to get it sent to Paypal.

Lesson learned the hard way! But not for you, join OpenSky and Ebates to great some stacked savings!! 

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