Sunday, March 25, 2012

Few of the Items Up at Bonanza...

I must say that I have to give Bonanza an "A" for making it easy to list. I love the import feature that did all the real work for me in just one click! All I had to do was do some fine-tuning, such as some of the pictures transferred a bit funny, but still hardly much work at all.

I have yet, to have a sale! Oddly I am not at all worried. I think it has to do with the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere they have.

Here are a few things I have up. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them. Even the negative comments! LOL, anything at all. (Do I sound desperate? Must be a bit of leftover Ebay drama sneaking in). The booth is located here, if you would rather look that way.

Roald Dahl 12 Book Collection~~by Roald Dahl (Instant Paperback Classroom Set)

+ Free Shipping

Adorable Pair of Ceramic White OWLS

+ Free Shipping

Vintage 1978 "GO" Boardgame (Game of Oriental Strategy) Great Condition!

 + $7.96 Shipping

K'NEX Speed Demon Coaster~~Complete in box/Most Pcs Factory Sealed

$29.99/OBO + Free Shipping

I do have many items listed with free shipping, actually a majority of them are. I think I lack skills in the areas of descriptions that "wow" customers and in the titles. I also would say that pictures might also be lacking.

Wow, I just critisized myself instead of waiting for someone else to do it, LOL. Please, Please, Please don't let me stop you from your opinions. I really want to make this work to the best of my ability. My husband is the one that gets to hear my complaints and opinions all day long. And I DO mean ALL day long.


  1. Best of luck on Bonanza. For me, they just don't have enough traffic to generate a good return on my investment of time and inventory. In my opinion, Ebay (and Amazon for books) is still the best venue, despite all the changes.

  2. I do agree with you that they are the best, I just had to attempt something else and not rely on one venue for selling. I am hoping that with enough hard work, I can utilize Ebay for some selling of things and exposure, then use Bonanza to make up the rest.

    I hated that I "put all my eggs in one basket" with Ebay, and I am sure that most new sellers do just that. With all the changes Ebay has made (both good and bad) I am hoping that other smaller venues will take off with more sales, such as Bonanza, Etsy, and others.

    The bottom line for me is I didn't want to up the prices for my customers because of costs I was incurring, now don't get me wrong I do add a bit here and there to make up for some loss, but when I know that the customer is paying way to much, it is time to figure something else out.

    My main "beef" with Ebay was that I was paying for a step above the basic store and then got restricted because of their DSR system. While I understand the basis of the rating system, it has more than its fair share of flaws. I didn't think that Ebay was/is addressing these flaws, making it very shakey to rely on only them. My restrictions are more than a new seller being on the site, because I can't even get free listings.

    Ebay will still be a part of my venues, for now at least because they are such a giant, but like I said I have to expand and try new things too. Especially, when the internet sales business is booming with new stuff everyday, because of cost of living hikes, unemployment, etc. So much more competition is arising.

    Wow, what soapbox did I climb onto. So sorry. Thank you for responding- I appreciate the time for leaving your coment.

    I have learned much from your blog, by the way. You do seem to have a good and realiatic grasp on the whole selling aspect.