Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Thing After Another...

Do you ever feel like you are in a slump you will never get out of? Well, the store has been sporadically selling small priced items for the past month. I actually thought that it was the worst thing that could happen, these slow mediocre sales.

I was WRONG! About a month ago I sold our broken down second car for some extra cash. This would be a HUGE mistake I would soon find out about. While the second car was a BIG OLE HEAP OF (insert expletive here). It only needed a new battery and one new tire. Now, granted it was rusted out, the passenger side front door would not open. I could go on but I won't put you through that.

Well, I sold that hunk of rusted junk for $250, which is half of what I bought it for around four years ago. Now the Cadillac that was nickle and dollaring us to death sat in its spot, must have noticed that the "heap" was gone.

Realize that each time we had to fill up with gas (usually once a week) we also had to buy Coolant and oil. Anyhow, she decided NOW was a good time for the alternator to give. Okay, fine we had to wait a few days to scrape the money together for that.

In goes the Alternator, and then the radiator goes. WHAT!?! Sheesh, I had to wait another week or so before having the money to get that. In the meantime, trying to find rides to the grocery store was proving to be a HUGE hassle on me.

Excitedly, we go pick up the radiator, knowing the end is near and everything will be fine. UUMMMM WRONG! In goes the radiator AND out goes the transmission.

Seriously, I am not joking here! This was awful, almost zero sales and a our only car out of commission. Really, I am not in the mood to buy the transmission (huge expense) and then have something else go.

So, last night we went and got this. (thanks to income tax refund money. PLEASE MEET OUR NEW EXPENSE, oops I mean van.

We needed another expense like we need another whole in the head. BUT, this van is very clean and better yet, IT RUNS!!!!! Now if the store could start having things bought out of it- maybe the string of bad luck is over! (At least until, it comes time to start fixing the car again)

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  1. I understand completely. My truck is being held together with duct tape and chewing gum, but I plan to drive it until I have to take it out back and shoot it to put it out of its (and my) misery. Cool van, by the way.