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Our Dr. Seuss & His Friends Welcome Package Has Arrived~ {$5.95/Shipped}

Don't forget to take a look at this no-commitment deal before heading off to the amazing printables. You get so much for the low price of $5.95.

{Note: The Calendar is no longer being offered as the free gift, sadly. But you can now get a free backpack for the kids to carry their new collection of books!}

There are so many memories of Dr. Seuss from my own childhood, it is wonderful that I can share this love with my kids. This start to our Dr. Seuss library collection is going to last many years, and hopefully be the delight to many budding new readers.

Here are the details of the books in your Welcome Package that is soon to be on its way to you: 

The Cat in the Hat

Simply put, The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss is one of the most memorable children’s books ever written. Dr. Seuss penned The Cat in the Hat in 1957 to tell the tale of a brother and sister home alone—alone, that is, until a cat in a silly hat drops by. Dr. Seuss’s uncanny knack for storytelling seemed the perfect prescription for teachers who lamented the dull books pupils used to read in school. ...

Tie-in Activity: Hats are great—just ask the Cat in the Hat. After reading the story, let your baby try on a few hats and look at his reflection in the mirror. Or try a hat-swapping rhyme game: Let your child say a word and place a hat on your head. When you say a rhyme, the hat goes back on your child’s head. Take turns rhyming.


Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You?
Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You? by Dr. Seuss is simply a must for your child’s book collection. In this Dr. Seuss classic, the mustached Mr. Brown moos like a cow, squeaks like a shoe, and even "DIBBLE, DIBBLE, DIBBLE DOPPs" like the rain, encouraging young readers to practice pronunciation along the way. Adding to the fun, Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You? 

Tie-in Activity: Take your time as you read this book with your child—and have fun with it! Babies will love hearing the silly noises, while older children will enjoy trying to make the sounds themselves. Then take a moment during the day to be quiet and listen for other sounds you can both imitate.


The Tooth Book
"Who has teeth? Well, look around and you’ll find out who. You'll find that red-headed uncles do." So begins The Tooth Book, Dr. Seuss’s rib-tickling tale of teeth that "come in handy when you speak." Written and illustrated for a younger audience, The Tooth Book’s vocabulary is limited, but the pictures enhance the story. Writing as Theo LeSieg—the good doctor’s pen name for books he authored but did not illustrate

Tie-in Activity: As you read the book, let your baby explore your teeth with her fingers (washing hands before and after, of course). Or read this story just before morning or evening tooth-brushing time to encourage your child’s healthy habits.

Go, Dog. Go!
Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman illustrates the idea that children learn best through repetition. In Go, Dog. Go!, Eastman uses colors, directional words, and other beginning-reader essentials as building blocks to craft a fantasy world where dogs do people things. In the process, young readers are engaged in a simple but fun-filled way that will have them howling for more! 

Tie-in Activity: Go, art. Go! Line the bottom of a shallow box or pan with white paper. Using a non-toxic, washable ink pad and a child’s plastic car, help your child "stamp" the tires in the ink and "drive" the car around inside the box to make a work of art.

Ten Apples Up On Top!
The early counting book Ten Apples Up On Top! is a fun way for children to learn the numbers 1 to 10. Children can count along as a lion, tiger, and dog balance apples on their heads and try not to let them drop. Using only 75 different words to create the rhymes, Dr. Seuss has provided parents with an important teaching tool that combines both math and literature in this read-along classic. 

Tie-in Activity: As you read this book, let your child stack blocks on the floor or a table to see if he or she can keep up with the characters. Very young children might only stack two or three—while older children might go past ten.


Want to check the awesome deal out yourself? Then head over here to check it all out! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Jamerrill over at Free Homeschool Deals has compiled a huge assortment of free Dr. Seuss themed printables. I could spend hours searching through all these resources, I love the crafts that are showcased.


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