Friday, February 8, 2013

4x6 Custom Photo Book + 40 Prints For $1 From York Photo

This year my daughter started 9th grade, her first year in High School! I came across this great deal and I can't pass it up. I thought that she could gather all her photos that she has taken over the past year and make her own personalized yearbook. 

There is so much she could do with this book, and the fact that it would save me the huge cost of buying the over-priced yearbooks from school, where she only "hangs" with a handful of those pictured. Being she is a typical new teenager, I am surprised that when she heard of my idea- she actually AGREED. You could have knocked me over, she was thrilled at the thought. 

Since then she has been collecting the pictures she wants, figuring out how she wants to arrange them, and so forth and so on. I love being able to come across deals like this one and make it be something that will be treasured long after she graduates High School.

What is great about this deal is not only is it only $1 for the book, but she will also be able to get 40 free prints! I am going to try and coax her into taking a beautiful picture of herself, maybe outdoors. This could be like a school picture she could then hand out. Or she could also just choose what she wants with those too, since it is her project.

The basic book comes with 20 pages, in which you can add more.

**$1 4x6 CUSTOM SOFTCOVER BOOK. Order quantity limited to one. Does not include shipping and handling. Ordered Online. One time use. Cannot combine coupon codes. 

**Offer for new customers only.40 free prints upon registration. Order quantity limited to 40 4x6/4xD prints. Does not include shipping and handling. Ordered Online. One time use. Can be combined with other coupon codes at checkout, but these prints do not apply to print order minimum or maximum quantities for separate promotions.

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