Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have You Tried Toluna? A Unique Way To Earn Rewards & Test New Products

I have recently joined Toluna for their unique rewards system. I like that you can choose these "gifties" and they might become a real gift that they send to your door. It's free to get started with Toluna and about once a day an easy survey comes to your inbox. Just take the few minutes to take the survey to earn your points. 

Toluna also has a great option of being able to test out products, you can sign up for those easily.

Here are some of the past testing events 

Educative games for children
High School Musical nail polish set
 Le Petit Marseillais: Jasmine and Hibiscus shower milk
 New Nicols microfibre cloths
New Colgate extra soft toothbrush for kids
 New Fluoflor strawberry toothpaste

Here are the available and soon upcoming test campaigns!

 New Eugène Color shampoo for damaged hair!

Again it is very easy to join in on this unique rewards site.

To sign up on Toluna simply click on "Register". You will be asked to provide some basic information during your account creation, as well as some more in-depth information about yourself in order to participate in our surveys. After you sign up you will be sent a confirmation email in order to finalize your registration. You must click the link in this email to confirm your registration on and in order to participate in surveys.

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