Friday, January 25, 2013

*Free* Pioneer Hardware Fridge Magnet & What We Use These Kinds Of Freebies For

Very quick & easy form, you need only your name and mailing address. You can leave the phone number blank.

You may think that this freebie is not useful, as you can easily grab cheap fridge magnets anywhere. BUT, I snag these up because I love using them for other projects. 

Lately I have been cutting these kinds of magnets in smaller pieces, then hot gluing them to the back of old tin spice tins. I then use them to hold lightweight items to the fridge. For example: a notepad and pen to jot down notes.

You can pretty much hot glue magnets to anything to make them useful. I have bought cute little designed notepads and glued strips to the back, glue them to the back of those cheap, flat plastic picture frames for a unique way to display family photo's. 

You get the picture on what you can do. Freebies are a way I cut corners on more than just samples of products to throw in a medicine cabinet or kitchen cabinet. I try and come up with useful ways to utilize things.

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