Friday, January 25, 2013

*Free* Firearm Safety Education Videos & Guides

In light of all the violence in the schools, and across the nation in general- I think that this might be a great resource to have on hand to help teach kids about guns. I may be in a minority but I do not believe that having guns is bad. It is the people behind having the guns that make the bad choices. I want my kids to know this particular difference. 

By filling out a simple form, you will be mailed the materials you need. You can order more than one, but I feel that only order what you can use. I ordered one, but I do love the fact that you can download the teachers guides and some other resources online.

When filling out the form, you do have to have a "organization/school" name- I am a registered homeschool so it is not a problem for me. But you can put your church name in, boy scout troop/girlscout troop, or what ever in there to fill in that space. 

Please send me FREE copy of the three-program DVD.
McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety (grades K-6)
PDF downloads: Teacher's Guide | Safety Pledge | Brochure

It's Your Call: Playing It Safe Around Guns (grades 6-9)
PDF downloads: Teacher's Guide | Safety Pledge | Brochure 

Firearms Safety Depends On You (general audience)
Teachers: A print discussion guide for the two school video programs is included in the DVD package.

Offer good for US and CANADIAN addresses only!

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