Tuesday, January 8, 2013

*Free* Dessert Coupon From CHILI'S & 2 Dinners For $20 Deal

That Molten Chocolate Cake Topped with vanilla ice cream buried under a hard chocolate shell is to die for! This is something that I would happily ruin my diet for, no questions asked. I won't even mention the other desserts Chili's offers that I would sell my soul for.

Print off this coupon as a reward to registering for Chili's Newsletters. These newsletters keep you up to date on new items, upcoming specials, offers, etc. Such a simple task for such a decedent dessert of your choice.

Chili's recent promotion that I love taking advantage of is going on in most places. The Two Dinners for $20 deal. This really is the only time I would even think about eating out on our budget. But we will be using this coupon on our special night out coming up in a week! 

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