Thursday, January 3, 2013

Committing Bribery For Charity? Yes, I Am Most Certainly Game For That

I had issue, not accepting this challenge-but rather I couldn't stop laughing at the post of what was supposed to be about helping out a worthy cause, Haiti Outreach

Over at LifeWithLevi, she has drawn her line in the frozen ice covered lake in Minnesota. Now, I am sure you think you have plenty of nuts in your state, but let me tell you Minnesota beats any state hands down for their "nutcases", LOL 
Do you all see the friggin icicles?
She is part of some crazy-a** group called the Freeze Dunk ‘13 and they have decided to join all the other nutcases in this great state I sadly have to call HOME, they are going to plunge into the frigid waters of a Minnesota Lake. And WHY would anyone do this, you might be asking. Because this state is full of insane nutcases. 


Seriously, though putting jealousy, stupidity, pride, or whatever you want to call it, aside- it is all to raise funds for a great charity cause. 

Now just for fun before I send you all over to her page to see her post and enter a giveaway for a special prize: I would like to share two more picture of these crazy nutcases from my state of Minnesota!


"There are two ways you can help support me:

Donate to my fundraising efforts. It’s totally a tax write-off and benefits a great cause. Plus, it’ll be worth it to see the video and photos of me freaking out when I hit that icy water.

Help spread the word about the fundraiser and my attempt to kick everyone else’s ass.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you guys. If I get to be selfish and want to win, you get something, too. As a thanks for helping share this with YOUR friends and family, I’m giving away $20 (PayPal) cash to anyone that helps out. I even made it really easy by setting up pre-written tweets you can send out in exchange for entries." {See below for link to her page!}

(credit: CBS)

What are you waiting for? Head over to LifeWIthLevi read her post, enter the giveaway, share, tweet, shout it from your rooftops for this worthy cause!

And for the love of God pray for these nutcases not to freeze any of their delicates off!

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