Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amazon Deal: Vintage Style Colorful Owl Charm Necklace $1/Shipped

I have four of these Owl Charm necklaces now, it seems that I add one to each order that I make at Amazon. What is nice is that each of them differ slightly. Each one has a different color arrangement, even if it is one jewel that is colored different it is noticeable.

Now, let me mention that the actual size of this necklace is not represented in the picture. This is going to sound unbelievable at this price but the object in the picture is actually SMALLER than in real life. Yes, that's right smaller! The actual piece is about 2" from tail-tip to ear-tip & 1 1/2" from side to side AND the chain length is about is quite long, as it easily dangles about mid-chest.

You really can't afford not to snag this at this price. Normally they sell around $9.00, so this is a major savings that includes shipping! Let me also mention that shipping was very fast. It took about a week before I had my first one at my door.

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