Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Challenge: Operation Organization Overview

This year I am putting a full-force effort into organizing every aspect of our lives. I plan on including small household task to a complete overhaul of our finances. I debated on sharing to much, but thought the more I shared the more motivation I would have to completing my challenge.

What I have learned in the beginning stages of this challenge is that I can not do it alone. I have realized that many of the resources that I need can be found online, as well as from word of mouth. As I come across these resources I hope to share and explain how I personally use them.

This challenge is by no means an easy undertaking. With seven children, homeschooling, and all the rest that goes on in normal daily life-it will prove difficult. As a family, we are a mess and need to somehow succeed in the challenge I set before me.

My husband just started a new job, after only being hired on as a temp. And before that we dealt with unemployment. While, I am now relieved that he has been hired on full time, it took 4 months of worry to get us there. Finances suffered severely during this time, we were not even making it paycheck to paycheck. 

During this time we decided to open three, yes three online businesses. You might wonder why in the world we would do such a thing, well we only wanted to sell a few things on Ebay and the like. What happened was we sold to much and had to file for a business license. So, now I am stuck running all three by myself, because my husband has gone back to work.

I also had my own blog and this one {which originally was my husband's until I took it over}, so I looked into reviewing products to try and get some things we couldn't afford for the kids. With this new addition-I never realized how much work was involved. Let me say running a blog {let alone multiple} is hard work, but I enjoy it. That is one reason why I keep doing it.

I am sure that this story is not a new one, and many people are facing the same if not worse. I want 2013 to be our new start, our turning point into finally being able to enjoy our lives, get rid of the major worries.

My husband puts in long, long hours every week. I want to at least contribute the same, I run everything at home but it is chaos at this point. The chaos is what I need to get under control. I wish it were as simple as put the kids in daycare and find employment, but it would be insane to do that with the prices that we would have to pay-out. Economically it is smarter if I stay home and figure out a way to stop the chaos, so that we can start getting ahead.

I hope that through my own journey, you will be able to find things that might be of help. I am always open to ideas, tips, tricks, or anything at all that might help and encourage me/others to tackle this challenge.

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