Thursday, December 20, 2012

Newest Amazon Purchase: 8 Items For Under $12/Shipped

This is my latest order from Amazon, I ordered everything today. I think I am beginning to become addicted to Amazon, but I guess who wouldn't when you can find things like these. 

If you notice none of these items had shipping charges, yes that is right-free shipping on all of these! My total came to $11.93! I have become very fond of the owl and peacock jewelry, which is why I continue to pick them up or purchase dupicates. For example this will be the 2nd Peacock Crystal Bracelet, the 3rd Colorful Owl Charm Necklace, and 2nd Flappy Owl Watch Locket With Necklace.

The extras, I am using for gifts for my daughters-that way they don't end up stealing mine. The reason behind today's little shopping spree was because of the sale price on the Magic Hair Bun Sponge Maker at 65 cents each. I have always wanted to try something like this and the price couldn't be better. I ended up buying 2 of these, to see how well they work.

$1.02 Shipped

My daughter and I are trying our hands at doing nail art. It seemed like it was going to be easy, boy was I wrong. It is a lot more difficult than it looks, but it is tons of fun. We recently picked up a stamping kit {yes it was from Amazon} and I chose to get one more, as you can see in this order. We have been purchasing all kinds of nail polish and I bought her a collection of 25 nail art plates from Amazon earlier last week. We have been excited for all of this to get here, so we can perfect our nails.

$2.95 Shipped

.65 Cents Each for a total of  $1.90 Shipped

$2.18 Shipped

$1.65 Shipped

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