Friday, December 28, 2012

Let Meals By The Week Do The Planning For You!

It’s no secret that planning a weekly dinner menu can save both time and money at the grocery store. But, do you really have hours each week to go through the sales flyers and match what’s on sale with a recipe your family will like? How often do you find yourself fixing the same few meals over and over again because you just don’t have time to find something new to cook?

Let Meals by the Week do the planning for you! For less than the cost of a latte, each week you can plan easy dinner menus for your family. In just a few minutes, you can have a menu and customized grocery list that’s organized by department and sales. You can depend on at least one slow cooker meal a week, and other recipes that come together quickly or make leftovers into a new meal. Let Meals by the Week take menu planning off of your plate!

Meals by the Week publishes 18 different menus each week for grocery store chains, including Safeway, Hy-Vee, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and others. They also publish a Vegetarian and a 400 Calorie menu. Recipes are family-friendly, and we like to build convenient menus based on real food.

How Does It Work?
Meals by the Week creates weekly dinner menus linked to grocery store sale ads. When you get your weekly menu, you can choose if you will be feeding 2, 4, 6, or 8 people. Then, go through your menu, deciding to “Keep It,” “Double It,” or “Skip It” for each option. After you’ve made your choices, click “I Like It” at the bottom of the menu to get your customized, printable grocery list. It’s as simple as that!

Start a 7 Day Free Trial – Subscribe Today!

Pricing plans start as low as low as $10 for 4 weeks! Check out the options below:

$5 = 1 Week
$10 = 4 Weeks {$2.50 per week}
$15 = 13 Weeks {$1.25 plus 1 week FREE}
$30 = 26 Weeks
$55 = 1 Year

Be sure to grab The Successful Kitchen: Quick-Fix and Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Recipes free printable while you are checking out this wonderful time saving resource.

Are you wondering what a sample recipe would consist of, well here are two delicious examples:

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