Monday, December 10, 2012

Hobbit Hole Special Auction Coming Soon To Outbid~~RSVP & Get A Free Hobbit Bookmark {No Purchase Needed}

I just received this email from Outbid! What was great about this is that I was able to RSVP and I will get this bookmark {even if I don't buy}. All I have to do is pop in. But they do have great items in this Hobbit Hole Special Auction. 

Registration is very easy, you can use Facebook as one of the options. If you haven't registered I would, they send out offers like this! Just because you are a member. Outbid has some great stuff you can bid on too, with many options for paying. AND you have the opportunity to earn an easy $5 into your account {this goes towards my next purchase} by taking a short survey. Look for the link~it is only a few clicks of what you are interested in. I just did it and instantly got the $5..

Check it out, and hopefully you can RSVP for your bookmark. It would make a great stocking stuffer!

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