Thursday, December 13, 2012

Captivate Your Child's Imagination With The Whimsical World Of Dr. Seuss

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss with his vibrant collection of intriguing characters, eye-catching illustrations, and classic tales of adventure. 

Start your child's journey to a love of reading with Theodore Geisel’s curious creatures, imaginative landscapes, and bright color palette.

Early Moments is giving Dr. Seuss fans and beginning reader the opportunity to get 5 books for just $5.95, in addition to providing free shipping. If you choose to sign up today, a bonus 2013 Dr. Seuss Wall Calendar will be added to your order. 

As a special to new subscribers, you will have the option to choose to receive 2 Bonus Book with a savings of 50%. 

.Where else can you find such a wonderful gift for a child for that price? No extra fee's, no shipping charges, a free gift, and no hassle cancellation policy. This is a perfect start to building a child's library.

The five books arriving for your enjoyment are some of the most popular and memorable from Dr. Seuss's collection or his from some of his closest author friends.

 The Tooth Book
Go, Dog, Go
Ten Apples Up On Top
Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?
The Cat and the Hat

All five of those titles are ones I remember learning to read with when I was a small child. I believe Dr. Seuss is a memory from almost everyone's childhood. The crazy words, the colorful illustrations, and the fun of just looking through the books~this is what has made Dr. Seuss continue to be a huge favorite to all.

When you decide to Join Dr. Seuss & His Friends's. You be able to take advantage of these membership benefits, if you choose to continue with building your child's library:

Receive 3 new books each month

Control your membership online

Risk free. Cancel anytime...

No Purchase commitment!

High-Quality, hard cover editions

Convenience of home delivery for less than $5 per book!


I am anxiously waiting for our order to arrive. This is a subscription that my 2 year old is going to begin getting for Christmas. I have always investigated offers, like these to make sure that it is true to what the offer states. Here is what I found:

See Step 1~~ You will notice the "No obligation to buy anything else" right above that. That means that even the offer of the optional two books is not required to get this deal. 

They will send you a couple of books after your initial purchase, so be prepared for a quick decision of "yes" or "no", and send back the information card and the books, and no other steps are needed to end the offer. OR you can continue building your library, which is what I am probably going to do. 

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