Friday, December 7, 2012

Show That You Have The “Goodest” Kid For A Chance At A $5,000 Ultimate Holiday Shopping Spree {Plus 10 Runner Up Gifts}

Everyone knows kids that have been good all year reap the most rewards during the holidays. Well, that is what is supposed to happen, but that wouldn't end happening in the real world {at least not with my kids-not for 364 days out of each year}

 YoYo {which deals with toys-every childs favorite}, AfterSchool {which deals with sports and activities), and Bookworm {which deals with books} are all knew companies partnering up with Diapers. com They are taking goodness to an extreme this holiday season with the search for. the “Goodest” Kid!

 The grand-prize winner will receive a $5,000 Ultimate Holiday Shopping spree across the sites to buy tons of toys, sports gear and books. Ten runners up will win a 100 gift card to shop the sites.

Can you imagine what your child will want, if they had access to $5,000 to buy toys for themselves?! Our home would be bursting at the seams!

Unfortunately, I can't enter not because I don't want to, but because I take digital photos of my kids. And honestly I have seven kids that would love to testify how good they are! Can you see the battle lines being drawn in our home? 

But seriously, this is an easy entry contest that every child would LOVE to win! So, if you have those videos on hand, get them up. Or start recording your children now. Besides the entry into the contest, you will also be recording a sweet memory that you can share later. {Preferably, when they are teenagers and in front of their friends}

In the meantime: Here is my 2 year old, enjoying the first snowfall of this year!

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