Monday, December 3, 2012

Get This FREE Resource For A Friend, Stranger, Or Loved One~ Easy To Order

It's a very simple process to get your FREE mobility guide from the scooter store. Just fill out your name and address, then it will be on its way. I sent away for one because while volunteering at the church and nursing homes senior citizens were not getting a bunch of resources that they could have been. I volunteered at the nursing home before I even had kids, and wish that this kind of stuff could have been available for them.

We often take for granted the ability to do simple tasks like these.
However, when your mobility is limited, life’s little pleasures can become
difficult challenges, and your quality of life can suffer. Instead of going
about your daily routine on your own schedule, you become dependent
on others. You find yourself missing activities you once embraced
because you just can’t do them by yourself, safely or without pain.

My father, after suffering his debilitating heart attack, is not getting any younger or healthier, I know that with him now living in our home, I need to be armed with all the information and free resources that I may need in the future.

Although, after I am finished going through this, I will be giving it to a church member that has been struggling with a walker for years. I know that she refuses to go into a wheelchair, she needs to feel independent. This might just be something that she will take advantage.

This guide offers valuable information to help you decide if power mobility is right for you. It explains:

• What power mobility is

• Its advantages and its uses

• The features and benefits of scooters and power chairs, and

• How the cost may be paid in part or in full by Medicare 
and supplemental insurance.

Finally, it offers a checklist of what to look for in a power mobility 

The SCOOTER Store was founded in 1991 to help people with limited mobility regain freedom and independence. Based on our core ideology of "Always Do the Right Thing" The SCOOTER Store has grown to become America's #1 provider of power chairs and mobility scooters.

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