Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FREE Child Identity Kit {No Purchase Necessary} & My Experience With GerberLife!

Get your Free child identity kit! Just fill out the first two pages to get your quote and your FREE kit! You do not have to purchase anything to get the free kit!

Although, I found that the price was very reasonable and after taking Dave Ramsey's Class in our local church recently, it was something that I have been thinking of doing. I once remember my husband talking about how his parents had purchased for all the kids, too. 

That is some great history for a company to still be in the business of doing any kind of insurance. I am still awaiting the paperwork and the free kit, but I am sure it will be here soon.

The rest of the kids are also going to be getting Gerberlife, I just have to work it into our finances. I can't imagine that I would ever be able to say I can actually cover all the kids, but I can {with a bit of finagling}! 

What is nice is that when the kids turn 18 {ahhh that magical age of "thinking" they know all} they could cash it out to use for college or whatever. That is what my husband did, he did the whatever!

I think I will not tell the kids until they are past those wild times, that way they can choose to continue the insurance or decide to responsibly withdraw it for their own personal reasons.

An example of cost would be this: for a 2 year old and the lowest coverage, which is $5,000, it would cost a whole whopping $3.13 each month! That is like the cost of a cup of coffee in the morning! 

If you decide not to do the Gerberlife, you still walk away with a quote to think over and a child's safety kit! We all know that our children's safety is the first thing we are concerned with!

So, go ahead and click the picture at the top. Or if you actually read this whole rambling post, well THANK-YOU it means a lot. And click here at the bottom on the picture, LOL

You will never know how important this document may end up being, until tradgedy comes into your life. Whether you get this one or come across another~GET IT. I pray you will never need it!

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