Monday, December 3, 2012

Enter To Win Keurig & A Case Of K-Cups

A Freebie Empire

Subscribe to their once daily email and confirm your email to be entered to win a Keurig & a case of 96 Kcups!

It is that simple! And not only do you get entered for monthly giveaways like this one, you get some freebies delivered to your inbox! 

Click the above picture to get your entry into this wonderful prize!


  1. There is no picture to click on :/

  2. There is, I can still see it now. I am unsure as why you can't. I have clicked on the picture at the top of the post twice, and it has taken me to the entry page each time. Is anyone else having issues?

  3. I clicked and filled out the form but I am already subscribed. Is the giveaway only for newbies?