Saturday, December 1, 2012

8 Pieces Of Jewelry For $23 Shipped! I Am So Thrilled~

Here are the pieces that I was able to scoop up! Some of these are for Christmas presents and the others are a special little something for me.

I only payed $23 for all of it and shipping was free! They are offering free shipping for only a limited time, so hurry over and see what fantastic deals you can snag!

Here are a few of the items that I got in the mail yesterday {and wouldn't you know the mail-lady delivered the rest AFTER I took all the pictures~so I will have to do another update}

These are all still in their packaging, as they were bought for gifts. Its not the best set-up either, but I will fix that after all the pictures get taken. 

Honestly, it is really easy to use this site, and chances are very high that you will get it at a very low price. Bidz is always sending out discounts and promotions, so keep an eye out in your inbox! 

Sign-up for your account now, you don't have to buy anything and registration is free. I am sure the discounts will show up in your inbox in no time at all. 

These items were all purchased off the 10 minute auctions. I love these because I can usually find something and buy it in very little time. Although, I must say it is a bit addicting to watch.

You also have the option to buy certain items outright and not fret over any auctions. Everything is very reasonable and they are not upped in price very much.

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