Thursday, December 6, 2012

{3} WhereBear Stickers {Free By Mail}

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and they will send {3} WhereBear stickers right to your door.

Are these not the cutest! I am excited for when ours show up, so I can figure out what I can do with them. I would love to make them into maybe some emergency information stickers to put on the fridge. That way the kids will always know where to look. I could just use a Sharpie marker or something.

Maybe to use in a scrapbook, for when we go to our local zoo. Oh goodness, I so many ideas and they haven't even arrived yet!

WhereBear Stickers
308 S. Winooski Ave #4
Burlington, VT 05401

Make sure to include enough postage to return the stickers via U.S. mail. It's less than one ounce, so a standard $0.44 stamp will do if you're in the United States. Be sure to send your envelope soon -- one per person please. Your contact information will not be maintained in any way. Offer void where prohibited and only while supplies last.

Thank you Just Free Stuff!

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