Friday, November 16, 2012

Unique Wedding Invitations: More Than Your Average Invites

I have been in charge of putting together a few family members up coming weddings. I did not have a traditional wedding, mostly because I thought we could never afford it. While beginning this endevour I have learned a great deal, it can be done elaborately and still be affordable  I came across Weddingstar that has inspired me with not only unique products, but also unique ideas that will make memories that last a lifetime. 

The first thing that I thought would be easy to tackle were the invitations, well it was easy to tackle with the help from Weddingstar. They offered some advice that I never would have thought of. I was able to begin putting together very thoughtful invitations for these weddings!

Wedding invitations are often one of the first things that come to mind when you begin to think about planning your wedding. Invitations can set the whole theme of the wedding so it is important to select them carefully. 

You can choose from generic wedding invitations to keep the theme more of a mystery, or you can give your guests a sneak peak of what kind of wedding they can expect by choosing a wedding invite that directly ties in with your theme. 

For example, if your wedding is to have a beach theme, you might choose to send out a Coral Wedding InvitationIts unique design will let your guests know that they can expect a fun and memorable wedding. 

It is customary to include RSVP cards with wedding invitations to supply your guests with a method of responding and to ensure you receive all the information from them that you need. RSVP's can be quite simple, with only your contact information and a location for your guests to indicate if they are coming and how many guests they are bringing. They can also be more detailed to include things like a meal choice, the ages of the guests, or any allergies that you need to be aware of. It is good to send this out with the wedding invitations because the longer you have to adjust for anyone with special needs the better you will be able to prepare for them. 

It is important that you carefully consider how you are going to go about wording your wedding invitation. Etiquette is very strict when it comes to who is hosting the wedding, and how you ask for your guests attendance. Before you go about choosing your wording, do some research on etiquette.

Wedding invitation etiquette can be rather confusing, so to help you narrow it down, find out the following details. Who is paying for the wedding? Are both families going to be involved? Who will be hosting? This will help you determine which wedding invitation wording is best for you and those attending.   

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