Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Swagbucks Code Ends In 15 Min & Rant About Superpoints Fiasco

Because of the Superpoints fiasco, I decided to redeem my points and stop saving them. If you haven't heard by now, Superpoints shut down without notice. I actually heard that someone was in the middle of doing their daily spins when it shut down.

Personally I lost over 3,000 points. I was going to be cashing those in as soon as I got another 5 stupid points for a Paypal cash out! 5 STUPID POINTS!!! LOL

The code is "ImOutstanding" and is worth 3SB. It was located on the Swagbucks Facebook page and expires in about 15 minutes.

Anyhow, I just went over to Swagbucks and cashed out for a Amazon Gift Card. I learned my lesson, cash out often or risk losing it!

Here is some info on swagbucks if you haven't joined yet!

Swagbucks~~Earn points for searching the web, taking daily polls, watching short videos, and much more. These points can be redeemed towards prizes or gift cards. I use this the same as the last two, I use this for obtaining gift cards for gifts.

Swagbucks is usually something I only watch the videos, watch for special promo codes, and do the daily poll. There are many other ways to earn swagbucks, but like I said I try and do what takes the least amount of time.

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