Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Personalized Mickey Mouse Fleece Throw For $5 Shipped + 4 Disney Movies For $1

My Disney Movie Club Member Purchase: If you only choose the 4 Movies you will get~ Personalized Mickey Mouse Fleece Throw, Mickey Mouse Tumbler, AND 4 Disney Movies for $6.00 shipped!!

The movies I chose for my 4 for $1.00 were: To see the details of this Disney Movie Club please read this post here}

Tangled {Okay, somehow this one didn't make it into the pictures BUT I do have it! LOL, somewhere- I hid them in different places and now can't find it.

Secret World Of Arrietty {This is based off of the book series "The Borrowers"}

John Carter

Treasure Buddies

I then Get the free Mickey Mouse Tumbler, which is also not in the pictures because they sent it seperate. Weird, I know but I will share when it arrives. 

There is a little more about the movie deal. You do have to agree to buy 5 more in the next 2 years. As I was picking out my titles I saw that they were offering a 5th movie for only $14.95, if I added it to my cart. AND under that was another offer for a 6th movie for $9.95, again if I added it to my purchase. These two movies will also count towards my 5 that I agreed to purchase. I now only need to get three more in the next 2 years, that is something that is very doable!

I added the following movies to my order:

Iron Will {This is one of my favorite movies, so this is for me only!}

The total for the 6 DVD's and Free Tumbler was $25.90! They offer free shipping on this offer. This is a great deal even if you choose not to gift it. I was thinking of taking {until I got Iron Will for myself} a bundle of three movies each and giving them as gifts! 

With my Disney Movie Membership, I automatically become a VIP member. This means that I can exclusive offers and bonus savings. You also want to take advantage of the membership for the completion of you agreement. Each time you buy a movie at full price {usually $19.95} you can pick up additional movies at a discount of 33%. 

This makes it easy to get those last three movies bought much quicker than waiting through 2 years.

I am also enrolled in the Disney Rewards Program, this is where you can enter codes to get free merchandise. There are various ways to get codes, like purchasing movies or signing up for their newsletter. The Disney Rewards program does have items you can get for free now, so you might want to take a look.

A promotion that they are running now, is if you enter two {2} movie codes, you will receive a free $5.00 Gift Card to use at DisneyStore.com. With each of my movies I got codes AND they sent a bonus flyer that had a code. I earned 625 points for the Disney Movie Membership.

With this DisneyStore Gift Code, I was able to find many sale items under $5.00 BUT I really wanted to purchase the Mickey Mouse Fleece Throw for my little one for Christmas.

I purchased the above Mickey Mouse Fleece AND was able to get it personalized for only $5.39! I used the $5.00 DisneyStore Gift Card and used code FREEPZ  AND got free shipping {MOVIESHIP}, too! {The last two codes are easily entered for you, when you click on the " enter codes" at the checkout. 

The total for me was $5.39 because of the tax that was offered. Now, after all is said and done~here is what I end up with:

6 Disney DVD's + Free Tumbler  $25.90 {read more about the extra 2 in post here}

1 Personalized Mickey Mouse Fleece Throw $5.39

625 More Disney Rewards Points { I can get at least a movie free with this much}

A total of $31.29 for ALL!!! OR If only getting the 4 movies $6.00 Shipped!!

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