Friday, November 30, 2012

My BEST & MOST Used Choice Of The Year~ UPS My Choice!

If you haven't signed up for UPS My Choice, I highly recommend this service. UPS My Choice is still being offered for free, which to me is surprising considering that most companies would charge for this kind of service.

I have been signed-up for a couple months and have been very pleased with the service. Now that the holidays are approaching, I am seeing more and more notifications hitting my inbox. 

Click Here!

UPS My Choice has made it possible for me to not miss any package delivery. I love that I can fit these deliveries into my schedule, no more missed package notes on the door. I always hated those, only because the re-delivery attempt would take place between "such & such" hours the next day and 95% of the time I needed to use the bathroom during that time, which caused another note to be placed on my door, LOL.

Here is an example of a notification that I received about an upcoming delivery. The actual time it was delivered was 12:34 PM, because it took a bit for me to stop chatting with our UPS guy {Love Him- He Is The Best!} to have me sign for it.

It takes a few minutes to sign up, BUT it is so worth that time. Check UPS My Choice out for yourself and if you think that is will be as valuable as it IS to me, then take the time to sign up. I promise you will love it!

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