Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Extended Cyber Monday Sales To 12/2~ Up To 95% Off!

I have been a member of for the past few years. I thought it was about time I share this absolutely amazing site with you. The prices can't be beat and I have scooped up so many items, both as gifts and for personal use from this site. 

While this site does cater to the more religious side of society, it does have items that everyone will LOVE. For example VeggieTales is loved by almost every child I have ever known, and even with its religious undertones, it has been a huge favorite! At you can find VeggieTales for extremely low prices.

Right now they have a couple of great sales going on. They have the Cyber Monday Specials that end 12/2. Cyber Monday Sales offer up to 95% off retail prices.

Free shipping is available on orders over $35 through 12/6 by using code 392153. Honestly, if you buy $35 worth of items, you are saving hundreds of dollars!

Below you can see examples of both Christmas childrens categories and Clearance items. The clearance section is FULL every day of the year, and I can never resist buying something every time I visit the website.

You need to view the website yourself to see all that it has to offer! I love that they have newsletters that you can choose to sign up for, you sign up for only the  newsletters you are interested in, so no emails full of things that you have no interest in. Please check out the selection of newsletters while you are there. also offers a yearly membership, for those that are interested. This yearly membership offers you special discounts, offers, and even more savings. The cost of the yearly membership is $5.00. Yes, only $5.00!

You would think that they couldn't possibly offer any better deal on a membership but they do! If you buy a 5 year membership, you only pay for 4. That is $20.00 for a 5 YEAR Membership. Really, where can you find deals like this?

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