Monday, November 5, 2012

Enter To WIn A Full Year Subscription To Kiwi Crate {12 Boxes}

Win a Year of Kiwi Crate! Enter now >>
Win a Free Year of Kiwi Crate! Enter now

Right now you have the chance to win "A Year Of Holiday Cheer" From Kiwicrate. Your entry is only signing-up for kiwicrate's newsletter!

What is the Prize?
The winner will receive a free, full year subscription (12 crates) of Kiwi Crate. Each crate will include 2-3 projects around a specific theme like Colors, Gardening or Dinosaurs.

I'm already a Kiwi Crate subscriber. Can I still win?

Yes! If you are an existing subscriber and you win, your next 12 crates will be free!

When will I know if I win?

The winner will be selected on 12/31/12 and will be notified within one week. 

Fun and engaging projects for kids ages 3-7. Delivered monthly.  <Join Kiwi Crate today!>

Kiwi Crate is designed by parents, reviewed by experts, and tested by kids! The crates are designed around fun themes and filled with all of the materials and inspiration for hands-on projects. Explore with arts & crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more!

Each KiwiCrate is $19.95 with free shipping each month. These kits are designed for children ages 3-7. There are sibling add-on packs available to encourage brothers and sisters to join in. 

This would be a great gift for grandparents to get for the grandkids, homeschoolers to add to their curriculum, or just for family memories with the kids.

1.) Simply join for a monthly subscription or 
send a gift.

2.) Receive a Crate~~A crate filled with materials and inspiration 

will arrive on your doorstep each month.

3.) Explore, Imagine, Create! Open the crate and let the fun begin.

4.) Be sure to enter the contest at the end of the post!

Here is an example of a Kiwi Crate:

Dig Into Dinosaurs

Project One
Fossil FunCreate your own fossils using special clay, sticks and dinosaurs.

Project Two
Stompy Dinosaur FeetDesign and make your own special dinosaur feet. Perfect for stomping.

Project Three
Dinosaur TailDecorate and wear a dinosaur tail, a perfect complement to your dino feet.

Explore More Online~~Discover more about Dinosaurs with additional content, projects, books, apps, and more. 

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