Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vivaterra's "25 Gifts In 25 Days" Sale ~ 50% Off One Item Daily & More Great Finds!

VIVATERRA is now open for business, but if you had signed up for their newsletter you already know that. Or if you knew about it before I did, you knew about it too. I have just stumbled across the site. It took me a while to finally go and check the site out. 

Right now VIVATERRA is doing a promotion called "25 Gifts In 25 Days" which offers one item daily at 50% off. The only catch is that these sales are only Monday through Friday.

 I checked out the "Sale" section, this is where I normally shop anyway. Here are some things that they have available:

Ceramic Tea Tower $14 {RV $55} 

This is something that I am going to be snagging, as I love the look of it. This will surely make a fun centerpiece for the table during the holidays, even if it will probably be filled with hot chocolate for the kids.

Animal Menagerie Ornaments $4 {RV $19}

I have gotten into loving the look of designing with handmade items, it doesn't matter if they are or not. The look reminds me of what it must of been like in the old times. I know I am weird, this is a new phase in my life that I can't explain.

Bamboo Flannel Slippers $7 {RV $19}

Do I really need to say anything as to why I want these. Just two words should do it, flannel and slippers!

These are just a couple of the things you find in just the sales section. VIVATERRA sells quality items in many catagories, and has styles for everyone's taste. I would highly suggest taking a few moments {or in my case over an hour} and checking out this site. 

They also offer free shipping on over 100 select items. 

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