Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zulily Sales Free Newsletter~~Sesame Street, K'nex, Webkinz, and More

With the days counting down till X-mas, I know I have appreciated having daily email sent on sales for family and especially for the kids. Now that I realize how close the day is I am going to have to crack down on looking through the deals.

Zulily is one that I have delivered to my email. They have had great sales, with very BIG savings. You can save usually 75% or more off Retail! There are new sales items coming in daily- If you would like to check it out and sign up for their newsletter, just go here.

Here are just some of the sales going on right now! If it is your first order you get free shipping!

Sesame Street Collection~Toys,Books, and Apparel
As Low As $6.99

Sesame Street Girls!

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