Saturday, October 20, 2012

Update: 2 FREE Discovery Kits ARRIVED From Honest Company Arrived {Only $5.95 S/H}

Today, Fedex came knocking. I am excited that my order from Honest Diapers came! Here is what I got {all for the price of $5.95! This was the shipping}

In the essential sample kit the following are included: {listed left to right}

Honest Laundry Detergent
Honest Shampoo & Body Wash
Honest Healing Balm
Honest Face & Body Lotion
Honest Hand Soap

The designs on the diapers are ADORABLE! I chose the following designs for my little one: Skulls, Gingham, Dinosaurs, Anchors, Lumberjack, and the last is plain white. The designs are so cute, I almost hate to use them.

We got size 6, because Michael has already begun potty training. Honest Diapers have sizes from Newborn to size 6.  The size we got fits children 35 pounds and up. Michael is about 34 pounds, so they should be a little bit big.

Here is how you can get yours: either read below or go to my first post on this  deal here.

Choose a free discovery kit of Diapers and Wipes and/or our Essentials from Honest Company. Pay only $5.95 for shipping and handling.

This is a great price for what you will receive! I actually did this deal twice, once I did and then I had a neighbor order one and I paid her.

It is easy to do, just go here and click the get started button. Add both the kits to your cart and begin to check out. 

Be sure to cancel your membership, which is easy to do AND they do send you an email before your free trial is up. 

As of right now, I am not sure I am going to cancel this. I think that it might be cheaper for me to continue this service. I do have seven days to make up my mind, so that helps. 

Now I would like to take the time tell you a little more about Honest Co. Their mission is to delight, inspire, and support families by providing effective, safe, stylish, and affordable products & services. These products and services are in place to help your family lead and live in a happier, healthier world.

Honest Co. has more than 20 different products to choose from. In addition to the variety of products, each are free of harsh and questionable chemicals that you might find in products you normally use.

Some of the products that you can find available on Honest Co. website are:
Diapers, Wipes, Shampoo & Body Wash, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Bubble Bath, Body Oil, Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, and more.

They even have some new products out, such as Training Pants, Swim Diapers, Stain Remover, Fruit & Veggie Wash, Bug Spray, and many more. There are also many more products coming in the near future.

Honest Co. also is priced right, the cost is very similar to other product lines available in stores now and on-line. I like that the cost is affordable for most families. 

The Bundle Packs that you can have delivered are something that easily afforded. Having such a great assortment of organic products delivered every month without having to pay huge prices or go searching throughout stores is a huge benefit to me. I believe this is why I am having a hard time saying no to the continuation of the services of both bundle samples I received.

The bundles break down like this:

1} Diapers & Wipes Bundle~ A month supply of diapers which you can choose which styles you want. AND a month supply of wipes. The total for this bundle is $79.95 + $5.95 Shipping each month or this averages out to under $20/week on diapers and wipes. 

2} Household Essentials Bundle~This is an assortment that YOU get to personalize each month. This bundle's total is $39.95 + $5.95 Shipping, this is around 45% less than what you would pay in the stores.

The best part of this company is that with each purchase you make, they donate products, time, money, and effort into addressing critical health & social issues affecting families. This year they have chosen non-profit Baby2Baby who supplies families in need with the essential baby clothing and gear, like diapers.

FREE TRIAL Diapers Bundle
Includes a sample supply of diapers AND wipes (for a limited time ) that are safer for children

FREE TRIAL Family Essentials Bundle
Includes a trial size of the most important stuff you'll need for your family

* With your free Discovery Kit you will become enrolled as a MEMBER of The Honest Company. You have 7 days following receipt of your Discovery Kit to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. We will remind you several times about your membership options. If you choose to not cancel your membership, you will be charged $79.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Diapers, or $35.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Family Essentials.

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