Friday, October 26, 2012

New KELLOGG'S Family Rewards Program {Earn GC's} & Codes!

Earn Rewards Kelloggs

This is a new program that I just signed up for. Since, seven kids are in the house that LOVE cereal, we always have a bunch on hand. What I didn't know is that Kellogg's has a rewards program that I can earn from!

There are codes located inside specially marked packages, and you can redeem those codes one of three ways. *Please see below for details*

Rewards can include:

High Value Coupons

Gift Cards {IE~ Starbucks}

Sweepstakes Entries




It is very easy to sign up for this, it only takes a minute or so. If you are like us, why not take advantage of those cereal boxes!

NEW!~~REDBOOKKFR50pnts  {50 points}
New!~~GOODHOUSEMAG50pts {50 points}

HALLOWEENPARTY25 to get 25 Points {NEW}

HOWITWORKS20PNTS to get 20 points
KFRFIBERPLUSPOLL to get 10 points
JOINKELLOGG2SAVE to get 50 points
LVNGSOCIAL25PNTS to get 25 Points

KELLOGGSMEDAL20P to get 20 Points

 Check out Kellogg's FB page for 3 chances each day to win codes!

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