Thursday, October 18, 2012

Join MindsPay Research Panel Get $3 To Start Out & Clearing Up Misconceptions

MindsPay members get ...
$3 Sign Up Bonus! {This is when you confirm the email that they send} Here is a snippit of my email I got, Yes I am a member! Just signed up tonight.

Earn up to $1 to $100 for each survey

Get compensated up to $0.50 for reading emails.

Give your thoughts on new and existing products and services

Keep any of the products you test

Accelerate your earnings by signing up for other great offers

Send your friends and family to MindsPay and add additional earnings to your account

Now, I did a bit of research on this. This is because some of the claims from other blogger's, and while you can make a lot of money and they do pay through Paypal and the mail which is convenient. 

There is a misconception on some of the higher earning survey's  Please don't think that you are going to make huge amounts of money right off the bat. For example the Credit Card Survey for $47.00, sounds like a quick money maker. It IS a money maker, but you do have to apply for a credit card AND make a purchase with the credit card before getting your $47.00.

I am only giving this as an example, be sure to read all the instructions to each survey and what the requirements are. Like I stated, you CAN make money from these survey's, as long as you don't expect huge payouts in little time.

With that said, I do encourage you to join because this is cash and not the typical Giftcard or merchandise compensation site. I would much rather, at times, get cash over a gift card. I usually go for gift cards only to give as gifts.

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