Sunday, October 14, 2012

Join Copious Today & Get A FREE Item Up TO $20!

When you join Copious, you get a $10 credit AND you will get $10 off an order $15 or more. Copious is alot like the Buy It Now Price on Ebay or buying on Bonanza. Many of you will be familiar with how that all works. Please pay close attention to the steps below to get the best deal possible!

First Join Copious here {this link is where you get the other $10 credit so that you have a toatl of $20. You will get the other $10 upon signing up}

In order for this to work MUST purchase a SINGLE item that is the closest to $20 that you can get, it MUST be over $15. You MUST leave 50 cents due on your order to make this work. They require a minimum purchase of 50 cents.

For example:

Let's say this is $19.00 {it is actually cheaper than that on the site}. You have $20.00 in credit, so you would apply ONLY $18.50 of your credit. This will leave you with the minimum payment of 50 cents.
You then only pay 50 cents for a near $20.00 item + Free Shipping! 
Thanks Goes To Jodi at FreetailTherapy For mentioning the deal! Check out her site as well for great coupons and offers!

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