Thursday, March 15, 2012

Have You Tried Super Points Yet, Its Free!!

Super Points is a new thing and I’ve been trying it out for a little while now. It’s very similar to Swagbucks, but it is invite only. If you would like to try it, I do have about 40 invites available. Just comment below that you’d like one (make sure you’ve filled out your email in the field) and I’ll send one your way unless the invites I have are all taken.

How can you get points on Super Points?

You can get points by watching videos (usually just gives one point for a couple minute long YouTube video), filling out offers, opening emails from Super Points (usually only containing a point or two), answering surveys, and using the Super Lucky button. Of course you can also get points by inviting your friends to sign up for Super Points.

The Super Lucky Button? What in the world is that?

This is sort of different than what most similar sites have. Basically it’s just a big button you can click over and over and you may or may not be awarded points for each click. The number of times you can click it per day depends on your member rank. If you’re a “Basic” member, which is what I currently am, you can only click the button 30 times a day. If you are “Gold” member, you can click it 50 times a day and you’ll also win the points your friends who have signed up under you win when they click the button. If you are a “Platinum” member, you’ll get 100 Super Lucky Button clicks per day and you’ll also win what your friends win and have more buttons you can unlock.

When I click the button my 30 times per day, I usually only win maybe one to three times. Sometimes I win like 20 points and sometimes just a point, so I guess it is just really random.

Do you have to pay to increase your member level?

No. Super Points is absolutely free in every way. You can increase your member level by inviting friends. You need at least two friends to be a “Basic” member and five friends to be a “Platinum” member.

More About Member Levels

Your member level also determines how many points you need to redeem for stuff in the rewards catalog. At the “Basic” level, you need 2500 points to redeem for anything. At “Gold,” you just need 1000 points to redeem. As a “Platinum” member, you can start redeeming rewards at just 500 points.

What’s in the Rewards Catalog?

Lots of stuff. They have the ever-popular $5 Amazon card for just 500 points. Then there’s also $5 to Paypal for just 500 points and you can get as much as $500 cash to your Paypal with 50,000 points. There’s also electronics, toys, you name it.

How does the referral system work?

Your referral network can extend down five levels. I can’t find a whole lot of details on how inviting friends benefits you a lot other than that once someone you invite reaches the Basic member level, you get 25 points. It also says on the sites that you’ll earn rewards faster with more friends signed up under you.


  1. I would like to try. Would you mind sending me an invite? Thank you, Rebecca

  2. Not a problem at all, it is a easy way to get free giftcards for stockingstuffers or quick gifts from places like Amazon. That is what I plan on using it for. I like easy ways to accomplish things

    Here is a referral link for you to use..