Monday, February 14, 2011

Noises in the dark

   How many of you out there have heard unexplained noises or seen something out of the corner of your eye? Does anyone offer a true explanation of what is going on? Are they ghosts or shadows from the past or future playing out like a television movie?
   When I was younger, I used to hear footsteps going up the stairs at my mothers house. I heard a banging on my bedroom door that not only woke me from a sleep, but also my dog. In both instances, nothing was there.
   Later, I cleaned for the church in town and there was a toy car on one of the seats. I removed it, put it on a hat rack and then went down to the basement. When I came back, it was over ten feet from where I placed it. I checked around thinking someone came in, but there was no one there. The rack had a lip on it that was at least half of the toys height, so I couldn't reason an explanation for it. As I went into the main church, I had a bad feeling and the hair on me stood up. I didn't see anything, but the overwhelming feeling of dread made me pack up and leave.
   Now, the apartment where I and my wife live is a hopping bed of activity. From unexplained bangs to apparitions, we have it all. It started off with banging and lights turning on and off. You could throw the switch and ten minutes later, it would be on again. One night it was so noisy in the kitchen, I yelled out, be quiet! We were watching a DVD movie in the living room and the player shut off at that very second. What ever it was did make it quiet.
   Both a dog and a cat will stare at a corner of the living room and won't move. The dog started to growl as we heard tapping from that very same corner.
   In our hallway, I have seen a figure in black, but only from the waist up. We constantly hear noises from there, but are unable to explain them. From the hallway looking into the kitchen, I have seen a huge black mass. It moved as though it were unaware of my presence. It was more liken to a smoke because its edges were undefined. The one that was in the hallway itself had defined edges. It almost looked like a paper cut-out, just no bottom or features.
   The bedroom, of coarse, cannot be left out either. There are bangs, not taps, but bangs loud enough to make you jump. We watched a heavy object fly off a stand near the bed as we watched a movie. We only caught it out of the corner of our eyes and spent half an hour trying to duplicate what happened. There is also a small black figure that pokes its head around the corner of the door. I have seen it once, but my wife sees it all the time. It's no more than three feet tall because its head is below waist height. This one is definitely aware of us because as soon as you look at it, it withdraws and when you check, the hallway is empty.
   The worst to date is what I saw recently. It wasn't the seeing hat was bad, but I once again had that bad feeling, like in the church. We were in bed and my wife fell asleep leaving the television on. I grabbed the remote and shut it off. The screen still had a faint glow, which it had never done before. I turned it back on and before the screen came  fully on, I saw a black figure from the waist up. It was gone once the screen was fully on and the television was set to play DVDs and was at the menu screen. No such figure there. I then shut it off again and it appeared again. This time it had really bright glowing eyes and it faded as the screen went off. The hair on me stood up and I had that same bad feeling.
   Now, with the exception of the last, we have just learned to live with it. We have been here over a year and for the most part, it's an annoyance or liken to a conversation piece. I'm sure many would try to approach these things with science, as I have done, but really there is nothing science can really offer. I'm not a firm believer in ghosts because I cannot rationalize why one would stick around here if they could go anywhere.
   I have also tried the GHOST HUNTERS way of setting up a camera. It recorded 23 minutes and went dead. The only problem, though, was it said it recorded 23, but the disc was empty. I have had no problems with the camera, but the many times I tried, it failed.
   One other thing, I have woken up to bite marks on my legs, scratches and bruises. The bruises hurt the most, as  the bite marks I don't feel. They aren't the size of an adult mouth, but I put them to the size of a baby, except with teeth.
   So, leave me what you think is going on or what you believe. Ghosts or not!


  1. Okay since i am the other half here we are talking about. I am not sure what it is. I know what i have seen and I know it is not right?

    We have heard and seen so many things I think i almost don't notice all of the occurances.

    I have chosen to act like I don't see something, in the hopes that maybe if you ignore it, it might go away. But that has not happend.

    I would love to know that there are others out there that go through the same thing.

  2. Our last house was fairly active. Not as bad as yours, but something liked to play with the kitchen cabinet doors at night, opening them and banging them shut repeatedly until one of us would yell for it to knock it off. We did get that on film once. It also liked to play with our sliding closet doors, and there were assorted other things that went on over the years. We more or less got used to it and I think my wife actually missed the "company" when we moved.

  3. A few years ago, my husband and I went to Wavery Hills In Louisville Kentucky for an overnight investigation for fun. We got a terrifying EVP.. we were in this one room that the closet was very heavy barred doors. While he and I were talking the door creaked (very loudly) open (on the EVP) At that point, we were asking each other if the other had opened that door. When we got home and listened to that tape, there was a voice that actually sounded like it was whispering in my ear. (tape recorder was in my back pocket) I hate you... I hate you.... Get out NOW! I still have that EVP on my computer. Scared the pants off me. And now I want to go back! lol